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Liger XS900 Wireless Headphones

In my quest to find the right pair of wireless headphones for my active lifestyle I’ve been looking for a few common denominators such as comfort, great sound, and reliability. I find it’s always better to sit down and think about what you’re really looking for before you set out to buy anything new, and I apply that philosophy every single day. This can create quite a lengthy buying process which, quite frankly, drives my wife crazy sometimes, but in the long run I truly believe it’s saved me a lot of money and time.

One set of reasonably priced wireless Bluetooth earphones that I have come across is the Liger XS900 Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones. Unlike a lot of the better Bluetooth headphones which will cost you close to $100, or even more in some cases, this pair of headphones can be purchased for around $50, which is quite surprising when you find out just how good they are.

Great Sound Quality

When you’re in the market for a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones there’s one thing that’s more important than anything else – their sound quality. Fortunately, this pair of headphones has you covered in that department. They’re engineered to produce HD quality sound which makes them about as clear as you can possibly imagine and will reproduce the original recording as close as possible. If you think about your favorite food, such as chocolate or whatever it may be, and the feeling you get when you eat it that’s probably how you’ll feel when you listen to these headphones – it’s extremely satisfying.

Great for Phone Calls

This set of earphones also has a built-in microphone which makes it ideal for chatting on the phone when it’s necessary. Personally, I try to avoid phone calls when I’m working out, but everyone’s different and it’s nice to have the option if the need does arise. You can quickly answer calls by tapping on the mike button, and there’s even a built-in call waiting function if another call comes through after taking that first one. That means you can keep your rhythm going and not have to worry about digging out your phone; you’ll have the ability to simply answer your calls at the tap of a little button on your wireless headphones.

Great Fit

The sound quality of the music produced by your headphones may be your number one concern, but your comfort factor has to be a close second. I’ve had plenty of earbuds that I found extremely uncomfortable no matter how good they sounded, and I soon abandoned them for something more comfortable. Great sound is important, but it’s not everything. The XS900 earphones are custom-designed for a comfortable fit and feature a patented rubber coating that makes your listening experience even more enjoyable. In fact, they’re ergonomically designed, which means they fit the shape of your head nicely and for the most part you probably won’t even know they’re there – well, you wouldn’t if it weren’t for the great sound blasting in your ears!

Great Battery Life

A pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones wouldn’t be much use to you if the battery didn’t last. That can be a major concern with some of the cheaper models out there, but it’s not a concern with this pair of earphones. These earphones will last up to eight hours of straight listening and up to 160 hours in standby mode – that’s a lot of battery life! Personally, my workouts usually last for about 45 minutes to an hour; if your routine is something similar you should be able to easily get a full week of listening out of these headphones. That means you can simply recharge them on the weekend, when you have a little more time, without interrupting your workout schedule.

Great Replacements

One problem you may run into if you’re an extremely active individual is that the earbuds will tend to wear out over time due to excess sweat or even rough handling. The manufacturers of this set of Liger headphones haven’t ignored this problem as they’ve included two replacement pairs of earbuds with the purchase of your headphones. You can purchase more at a later time, but chances are what’s included in the package will last you a long time.

Not Great Charging

A complaint that seems to plague these headphones is that some customers that have purchased them have had problems when trying to charge their headphones. In some cases customers claim they can’t charge them at all but, more often than not, people that do have a problem with the charging simply complain that it takes too long. That can certainly be a bit of a problem if you don’t keep an eye on how long it’s been since your last charge, but in my experience I like to charge my wireless devices, if not every night, at least every other night, so I can’t see this being a major issue.

A Great Bargain

When you consider the great features that the Liger XS900’s are packed with, it’s hard to argue that these earphones aren’t a great bargain for the money. They have many of the features you’ll find on much more expensive headphones and they do the job just as well. They’ve got HD sound, they’re ergonomically designed, and they have a built-in mike for handling phone calls as well. It’s certainly a little disappointing that the battery takes a while to charge, but when you consider how long the battery lasts this seems to be a simple obstacle to overcome. In general I’m inclined to rate these headphones highly.