Golzer 1F

Golzer BANC-50 Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless
Noise Cancelling Headphones

While I’ve enjoyed learning about all of the great Bluetooth headphones, headsets, and earbuds that are widely available these days, it has been a little overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of different products ranging in price from about $5 up to a few hundred dollars. I would likely never spend more than a couple hundred dollars on a pair of headphones and that’s why I’ve tried to focus on headphones that fall somewhere in between on the price spectrum. The products we review here are not the cheapest on the market by any means, but we’ve generally tried to look for ones that are reasonably priced and still include a lot of great features.

The quality of some of these headphones can be a bit of a mixed bag at times and while it isn’t the most expensive product on the market, I’m also quite sure that most of us don’t want to throw our money away either, so it’s worth taking a little extra time to look more closely at these products.

Active Noise Cancellation

A common issue with Bluetooth headphones is the fact that over-the-ear headphones don’t tend to do as well at noise cancellation as earbuds that are directly plugged into your ear canal. If you think about it, the reasons for this are obvious – over-the-ear headphones will always leave a bit of a gap allowing you to hear the surrounding noise around you. According to the manufacturer of these Golzer headphones, they’re capable of canceling out up to 85% of the noise in your environment, which makes them extremely handy in noisy surroundings. In fact, they actually suggest that they’re great for when you’re traveling on a plane. I didn’t find too many customers that contradicted this claim, but there are a few that seem disappointed with the noise-cancellation feature of these headphones.

Talk When You’re Ready

If you’ve looked around the other reviews on the site you’ll find that most of the headphones, headsets, and earbuds that we’ve reviewed include a built-in mike – although not all of them. This particular set of headphones does have a built-in mike that allows you to answer calls when you’re on the go without having to search in your pocket or purse for your smart phone. The reviews of this feature by customers that bought the product are somewhat mixed – the majority do seem fairly satisfied with how well these headphones handle phone calls, but there are a couple of customers that complained about the quality of the calls.

How about the Charge?

When you’re looking at a pair of Bluetooth headphones you can’t forget to look at how well its does in maintaining the charge; and the Golzer BANC-50 does a pretty good job of making the grade in that department. The battery is designed to last for about 12 hours of continuous play time, which is probably a little better than many other headphones on the market, and they don’t take an extremely long time to recharge either – you can generally expect them to be fully recharged in about 2 to 3 hours. What is a bit concerning about the battery longevity is that a few customers complained that they stop holding the charge for any length of time after only a few months of use. No rechargeable battery will last forever, but you would expect to get more than a few months of use out of them.

Great for Older Devices As Well

While almost all of our modern smart phones are equipped with Bluetooth technology some of our older devices may not be, such as the earlier version iPods or our older record players. If you want a set of headphones that will work with these older devices as well as being capable of pairing with your Bluetooth devices, then you’ll be relatively pleased with the Golzer BANC-50. They do include an optional auxiliary jack for plugging 3.5 mm audio cables into older devices. That means you don’t have to worry about having a separate set of headphones for connecting to those devices, which is certainly a convenient feature that does work in their favor.

Convenient Travel Case

Some people like to keep their things neat and compartmentalized, which means they don’t want to just throw their headphones into their gym bag when they’re not using them. I’m not really one of those people personally myself, but I do know a few people like this. If this does describe you, you might be pleased to know that these headphones also come with a handy hard travel case that you can use to store them in and keep them free from scratches and dents. It’s not a feature that a lot of people will find a use for, but it’s nice to have the option nonetheless.

Where Things Get a Little Murky

We’ve already noted a couple of minor issues with this device throughout this article, but there are a couple more that I want to mention. For one thing, quite a few customers have complained about the cheap quality of plastic used in the manufacture of this device. In some cases the headphones been known to come apart easily – especially if you drop them frequently. If you’re not a clumsy individual this may not be a big deal to you, but it’s something that will affect the decision of quite a few people.

Probably a bigger concern is the fact that this set of headphone’s ability to pair with some Bluetooth devices is suspect at best. More than one customer has complained about these headphones losing the pairing with their Bluetooth device altogether, and even when the connection is maintained they tend to drop the connection for a second or two from time to time. I have owned a speaker that did this before and I was usually able to solve the issue by re-pairing my device, but I’ve always found the process a bit of a pain and it’s something I’d rather avoid altogether if possible.

More Good Than Bad

I’m not necessarily looking for perfection in a pair of headphones and so I wasn’t overly concerned with some of the issues that have cropped up from time to time with these. To be fair, the vast majority of customers (around 80%) seem to be quite satisfied with the product. The active noise cancellation feature is a great idea and I love the fact that it also includes an auxiliary jack for pairing with older devices when necessary. In my opinion, the Golzer BANC-50 Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headphones are better than average and you should give them some serious consideration.